Quarantine DIY

How to make the most of your quarantine time

I know many people are bored during this quarantine and wondering what to do and how to spend time in best possible way.These are some of the  best ideas where you can make most of your quarantine life better and discover yourself and your me time.

quarantine painting
1.Excercise & Meditation – Start your day daily with meditation & excercise, as because of busy schedule you have never got time for yourself or for your body.This is the right time to shape your body with the best way possible.Invest your time in half or 1hr of excercise daily.                                                         


2.Learn to cook & experiment cooking new things – Make the most of your quarantine time by learning new things like baking,learning new recipe and make your kids learn the basics of cooking. This is best time to learn new things and make your kids learn too and keeping them busy too.
3.Learn gardening & Decor your homeGrow some organic plants,herbs,veggies that you need in day to day life .Make your kids grow some plants, that will make you & your kids happy seeing it grow & also make the most of your quarantine time better, which will also result into a huge smile on your face. Decor your home ,clean all the mess, clean your cupboard,makeup kits, shoes crack etc.
4.Learn some activities or art – This is the best time to learning some new art and craft that you wanted to learn from long time and you were not able to because of your busy schedules. This quarantine time is the right time to learn. Learn some sketching, doodling, craft, Diy,illustration, calligraphy, dot art,mandala, water painting, coffee painting etc and many stuff from youtube tutorials or insta live sessions that are really fun things these days.
make your kids paint during quarantine

5.Play indoor games with your friends & familyThis is the best time to spend time with your loved ones and utilize this quarantine time. As you don”t get time to spend with them always you can .Play ludo, carrom, bussiness game,housee, cards, sequences games indoor and have fun time with them.Play online games on whatsapp like solving puzzles, giving fun task to each other,online tambola and lots more…

make your kids plants
6.Watching movies, series, netflix and reading books – Spending time with your love and watching movies  or series which you wanted to watch since a long time .This is the best time to make the most of your quarantine time with your hubby/loved ones. Watching animated movies with kids or reading books also recommended.

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