Styling tips every girl should know

If you are a beginner, know your body shape – knowing your body type is the most basic things to know about yourself. This is the most basic and common styling tips every girl should know. Choose clothes that looks good on your body type and that hide your flaws.
Find your own signature style and stick to it – Find your body type, find your own signature style and stick to that look.
Accessories-Accessories is important part of dressing. Styling yourself with right type of accessories is a big fashion statement. Pairing accessories with outfit can change the entire look.
Experiment with color -always experiment with colour, mix and match colours .colour is a game changer is you understand it very well.
Try to maintain a balance – Avoid mixing more then two colours in your outfit. If you are wearing printed top, wear solid / plain skirt, pant. This is important Styling tips every girl should know.
Makeup – proper makeup is really essential to get the right look.See some videos, tutorials to learn about make up, what suits you and indulge in good products.
During day go for natural and nude look.
During night go for dark, bright makeup.
Learn few hairstyles that looks good on you. – Try to learn few hair Dos or hairstyles that look good on you. You will need it anytime. Braids are in this days and looks good on everyone..
Pair loose with fitted ones – Depending on you body type, keep on part of your outfit loose and rest fitted or tight.
Buy pieces that you can wear more than one way –
Choose proper inner-wear – choosing proper underwear is very essential. Wearing which color inner-wear under what color outfit is really important. Don’t wear white inner-wear under black. Don’t wear white inner-wear under white,instead wear skin color inner-wear.┬áThis is the important Styling tips every girl should know
Don’t mix too many prints or patterns – Playing with prints and patterns is good.But don’t mix too many prints and patterns,this is the important styling tips every girl should know.
Belt it up in Different ways -Belting your outfit with belt in right way, will accentuate your curves, make you waist appear slimmer. Perfect belt can transform a normal outfit into something chic.
Say yes to knots – tying the knot at the middle of your top or shirt will define your waistline. It’s a creative new fashion this days too add a twist to your look.
Scarves – scarf is not always meant to be draped around the neck but can be styled in numerous number of ways.

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