Top Places To Visit In Srilanka

Top Places To Visit In Srilanka

1. Arugambay – Located in South East coast of Srilanka, this has to be number one on the list as it’s one of the top ten surfing Destinations in the world. Arugambay has one of the best and cleanest beaches in Srilanka too. The best time to visit Arugambay is between March to October and the vibe on streets on Arugambay is no less than Goa, you see beaches, surfing shops, unique shopping items, many stylish cafes and much more. Mark this place on your list as it’s seriously one of the top places in Srilanka. 

2. Gal Oya Camping Site- Located near Rathugala, this campsite offers a picturesque location surrounded with savanna forest. The most precious thing here is the Veddah tribals which you may neet here as they are the first inhabitants of Srilanka prior to 6th century. Most of the land is used for agriculture purposes and the rest is used for camping purpose which is also organised and well planned in terms of sustainable stay option. The life of tribals and they way they still work in their old style is really touching and appreciated. You need to experience this small Village and obviously the Veddah tribals in this camping site.

3. Colombo – Like you have Mumbai India, Colombo is Mumbai of Srilanka. You have extraordinary hotels, the famous Ballys Casino, the Lotus Tower, World’s 2nd Oldest Radio Station and also witness the Angampora Martial Art here in Colombo. Do not forget to go at The Mango Tree restaurant in Colombo which is operated by a Mumbaikar and famous for its delicious Indian Food. You need 2-3 days to explore Colombo properly and it’s one of the top places to visit in Srilanka.

4. Sigiriya Rock- The 1500 year old history is still untold. Even today many cannot identify the claws you see upstairs, Garudas feet or Lions feet?? This is still a big question today and the history remains a history. Some say it’s King Kashyapas Kingdom and some say it’s Raavana’s Golden Palace. Well rumours apart after completing 1200 steps of Sigiriya Rock you will witness a wonderful view and just opposite you may see Pidurangala Rock where many tourists go for a Trek. Do definitely visit Sigiriya of you are in Srilanka anytime.

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