Nail art

Types of nail art extensions.

Different types of nail art extensions are gel nail and acrylic nail extensions.
Gel nail art
What is difference between gel nail art and acrylic nail extensions, gel nail polish? 
  Wanna try something new in this wedding season/ or next vacation trip and finding difficult to choose from this different types of nail art extensions.
Acrylic nails – Acrylic nail extensions are most popular form of nail art. It is combination of liquid and power that creates a hard, protective layer on your natural nails.
Acrylic nail extensions
Pros and Cons for acrylic nail art – Acrylic nail art are affordable and can be find easily in many salons.Biggest benefits of acrylic nail art is durability. Acrylic is so strong that it does not crack, breaks easily.On the other side, acrylic nail art don’t look natural is not done properly. These nails are so difficult to remove, that it can even damage your natural nails while removing. Acrylic also has a very strong smell ,while applying on nails ,because of the chemical involved.
Gel nail artIn gel nail art ,first two to three layers of gel nail polish are applied with each layers being dryer with UV lamp.The nail is then filed and polished with the desired colour or decorated with nail art.
Gel nail art
Pros and Cons of gel nail art -Gel nail art give more natural look then acrylic nail art with a glossy finish. There is no strong smell in gel nail art like acrylic and can be removed easily with no damage to the nails,if removed properly. They are expensive. Gel nail art is not strong as acrylic nail art, so can break or damage soon.
So it’s all up to you to decide which types of nail art extensions to choose from, based on your lifestyle, budget and personal taste. Since both have acrylic and gel nail art are different from each other, with lots of pros and cons .Giving a trial to each types of nail art extensions time can help you choose one.

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