Dispelling Myths about Palm Oil

This 2020 was a very tough year for us to survive and also we got to learn many things from the surroundings itself. Though if you see on a positive note 2020 year also exposed many wrong faces who we used to trust blindly.

Many industries and people around were jealous seeing the popularity of Palm oil increasing, so they started spreading out fake  stories and morphing a negative image regarding the Palm Oil. They even blamed Sugar and Oil industry for deforestation whereas the main culprit was the buring of the Amazon forest. The Amazon was the prime reason for deforestation in the world but sadly none of us could stop this in the entire world. This was one of the dispelling myths about Palm Oil.



Dispelling Myths about Palm Oil  If you see currently even in India, the Narcotics department have started arresting the drug peddlars as they have been informed about the long chain of drug business in India. Selling Drugs, Liquor, dangerous ingredients and food substances, artificial preservatives, killing of animals, all these are the most bad factors which are harmful for human beings. People are okay with the above things but will never try to get knowledge about the Palm oil which is very cheaply available in India and is also used in the maximum things which we use in our daily life. It was an honour to know that Our central government has slashed import duty of around 10-13% on Palm oil. This will generate the production of Palm oil in a speed and also the demand of buyers could increase. As the dispelling myths about the Palm oil started doing rounds, the Malaysian Palm Oil council has given a statement where they clearly said that there is no kind of any harm while producing Palm oil in forests and strict action will be taken on people who harm the environment.

        People who are still not aware about the advantages of the  Palm oil should definately read some facts and not follow the fake facts which few insecure insiders are spreading. Palm oil has the most health benefits and doctors also recommend it to consume for selective diseases. Intake of Palm oil reduces risk of heart diseases and helps better brain functioning.
     Malaysia being the second-largest palm-oil producer in the world, they have done a lot of R&D on various subjects of planting and processing palm oil, so there is no question of any side-effects or disadvantages related to it.Palm oil is one of the most popular oils in the world and least expensive.Red palm oil contains antioxidants called Carotenoids which our body can convert into Vitamin A. A recent study declared that children who had one table spoon of Palm oil had experienced 40% of improved vision with much better Retina. Palm oil protects Brain functioning, reduces risk of stroke and heart diseases. Palm oil also improves skin and hair growth. Also reduces Cholestrol levels, oxidative stress and boosts brain health. Though there are much more advantages of using Palm oil in your daily life. Its just that todays youngsters need to adapt and understand the uses and benefits of Palm oil.  Also special thanks to Bhavna Shah who is the country representative of MPOC for India for sharing the right facts about the Palm oil and avoiding the fake stories circulating the dispelling myths about the Palm oil.

Dispelling Myths about Palm Oil

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