Use of Dermaroller

Our skin has natural healing system as,when we get hurt,or cut, it heals itself by creating new collagen.Healing system starts working on it.Dermaroller,basically is tiny roller has microneedled over small roller. Use of Dermaroller,procedure is less painful & DIY-friendly.


1.When we use dermaroller,over our skin,like face,scalp,etc..
It works by creating tiny puncture (gentle pricks)in to the skin to stimulate skin repair and cell regeneration.That, in turn, leads to a smoother, more even, and plumper complexion.

🏵What is dermaroller?
It is basically is tiny roller has micrioneedles to gently prick the face.It comes in different sizes of needles like 0.5 mm.0.1 mm,1.5mm.etc for different areas of face.


Dermarolling best for?

🏵Use of Dermaroller is best for any one who have open pores, or scars,pigmentation and wrinkles,acnes,when they are use properly.Those who just want a skin tightening boost.

🏵Dont’s:-Ensure you using the roller is CE and FDA approved.
🏵Consult a dermaroller expert if you suffer from acne, psoriasis,eczema,raised moles,warts
🏵Always sterilize before and after use of the roller.
🏵Never share your roller with anyone.

🏵How to use?
U have to use roller it horizontally, vertically,diagonally over forehead,cheeks,chin and around the mouth and nose ,no need to press the roller just move smoothly.

Roll horizontally over forehands,cheeks,chin.then vertically on the forehead up and down to tree sides. Finally go diagonally across face and downwards for nose.
Soon after rolling is over we just have to use very good antiaging serum say light vitamin c serum or hyaluronic serum for best result,as at this point serums penetrates in to deeper level and gives best result.

When will you see results?

Starting dermarolling once a week and then after few weeks start using twice week . collagen takes good two moths to grow ,so within a month you will start seeing results.

You can buy dermaroller online and also avail dermaroller treatments by doctors also.

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