Styling tips for short girls.

Sometimes finding the tread and piece that works for your body type is tricky.Dressing is made easier is you simply know what not to wear if you have  short or long height.Below are the important factors to keep in mind while selecting or shopping cloths for short girls.
1.Go monochrome – Wearing a single color from head to toe can help you create elongated silhouette, giving illusion of heights. Too many colors can break up your silhouette .
2.Say yes to heels -One of the obvious and best fashion tip for short girls is to wear heels. A pair of heeled shoes will give you extra height. You can try safer option like wedge shoes or heels.
3.Wear high waist styles -creating the appearance of being taller is all about proportions. Wearing high waited shorts, jeans, pants, skirts leads to the appearance of longer legs .This is the best styling tips for short girls.
4.Don’t be afraid of maxi dresses – maxi dresses or skirt seems to be a major worry for short girls. My tips for short girls is to make the maxi work for you, if you stick to sleek style skirts and dresses & make sure your skirt has a split.
5.Short dresses and skirts – wearing short skirt and dresses, shorts, that just finish above knee are great for short girls.
6.When it comes to fashion tips for short girls for Wearing pants -choose a fitted style that is not loose. Boot cut and slightly flared jeans can make you look appear taller. Avoid voluminous styles. This is the best styling tips for short girls.
7.Avoid cropped pants – 
While choosing a pair of pants,, avoid cropped styles. Pants that finish above the shoes can look you create short. Jeans or pants that cover your shoes will make you look taller.
8. Wear fitted cloths -This is the best styling tips for short girls,anything that has volume or loose will make you appear stockier than you are. Fitted cloths is the best.
9.Wear vertical lineswearing vertical lines top or shirt will make you look longer and taller.
10.Choose right prints – Prints are one of the important thing when it comes to styling tips for short girls. Choosing right print is very important. Avoid wide patterns and go long patters.
11.Necklines –v_shape and u – shape necklines also create illusion of height for short girls. It looks more good then high collar neck. 
Important styling tips for short girls – wear tine belts, avoid over sized handbags, wear pointed shoes.

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