Top 3 Undiscovered Waterfalls near Varanasi in Uttarpradesh

When you hear Varanasi it’s not just famous for its ghats, ganga aarti or the local food. There are lot of things to explore in and around Varanasi and you need 3-4 extra days to actually discover Varanasi and it’s hidden gems. Sharing Top 3 Undiscovered Waterfalls near Varanasi in Uttarpradesh located few kms away from Varanasi and you need to mark these in your bucket list.

1.Aurwatand Waterfall- A roughly 90kms distance from Varanasi and you get to witness this magical place surrounded with waterfalls. The brownish look around the waterfalls give you a feel of Grand Canyon and the layers of rock looked very raw and old. As you slightly move ahead the downward side you may see the paintings of prehistoric era on the rocks and some of the paintings were related to the warli art.
You can reach here by a car or mini bus but the road inside the village is a little narrow. Out of 100 only 5-10 % of tourists have been here as it’s still a hidden gem and not known to public. Now the government is planning to restructure the roads here and add up some activities so that more tourists come here and get insight about this place. The population of Aurwatand Village is less than 400 people which is also the reason of clean roads and a peaceful pindrop silence here.

Raj Dari waterfalls

2. Raj Dari waterfalls- Few minutes away from Aurwatand Waterfalls you can visit Raj Dari waterfalls which has a breathtaking view and a magical sound of water for 24 hours. You may also spot few naughty monkeys who will try to snatch your belongings so be ready for it.
The best part about this scenic waterfall is that here they have created 3-5 selfie points so that you can enjoy the view from different points surrounding the waterfall. There are few stay options nearby of you want to stay here overnight to explore these waterfalls and spend your own time here. This is one of the top Top 3 Undiscovered Waterfalls near Varanasi in Uttarpradesh not to be missed.

Deo Dari waterfalls

3. Deo Dari waterfalls – Located 10 minutes away from Raj Dari waterfalls this place has a picturesque view from above. Comparing from the other two this waterfall has a quite lesser height but still you could hear the chills of the waterfall from a longer distance. The dam above Chandraprabha river shares the water to both Raj Dari and Deo Dari waterfalls. Don’t miss out these Top 3 Undiscovered Waterfalls near Varanasi in Uttarpradesh.

Next time if you are visiting Varanasi make sure after completing your religious trip you take extra few days to cover these top 3 Undiscovered Waterfalls near Varanasi in Uttarpradesh .

Varanasi Ghat

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