India – Pakistan Border, Nadabet

Gujarat always surprises when it comes to discover hidden gems and the unbelieveable tourist spots around. This time I was floored to see the Indo-Pak Nadabet Border which was a glorifying experience for me and a obviously a matter of pride for our Nation. I must admit after a year or two Gujarat will be among the Top 3 tourist Destinations in India.


India - Pakistan border l, nadabet
India – Pakistan border.

Nadabet is india – Pakistan border which is located away 239 kilometers from Ahmedabad in Gujarat. Nadabet is located in Vav Tehsil of Banas Kantha district in Gujarat.Tourists can reach Seema Darshan – Nadabet by road and make sure two wheelers are not allowed inside.
India – Pakistan border of Gujarat is situated in Nadabet village. There is a zero line border which separates India and Pakistan.Zero Point of India-Pakistan Border is the one and only Border Tourism Centre in Gujarat.

Zero point- India - Pakistan border, nadabet
Zero point,India – Pakistan border, Nadabet

Nadabet has started the Parade ceremony just like Wagah border ceremony, which is organized by BSF Jawans in Nadabet.

Under the guidance of Chief Minister Shri Vijay Rupani, Gujarat Tourism Department is developing Border tourism under Seema Darshan project at zero point of international border at Nadabet. I was floored to see the excellent approach of Border Tourism, Indians are getting an opportunity to know the border and see the experience of border tourism, their lifestyle which is too tough to live, their achievements, their passion, their way of thinking, the way they protect us and much more detailed things about them. I figured this out at the Art Gallery, the Museum, Sarhad Gatha and other designed structures installed at T junction in Nadabet.

 India - Pakistan border, nadabet

This classy experiment of giving the citizens a real experience to see the lifestyle of the BSF Jawans who are 24*7 safeguarding the Mother land is Larger than Life.

We were taken in buses to the zero point, which is the actual border and is located about 20- 25 km from the T-junction. Also they have charging points at T junction.

If you are visiting Nadabet you have to keep Your ID proof for entry ticket. They gave me a QR code band for entry where the entry fees is just Rs 100 which you can refill it for food court & other activities ahead.

India - Pakistan border, nadabet
India – Pakistan border, nadabet

A museum including the history of BSF has also been built where Ajay Prahari’ Memorial has been erected in the memory of our heroic soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation. Tourists visiting the memorial can also pay homage to the martyrs where there is a digital machine installed. The T-junction with beautiful murals will be the imporatant point of the Seema Darshan complex.

India - Pakistan border, nadabet

Also a platform is created on the road from T-Junction to zero point and various army weapons like surface to surface missile, surface to surface air missile, T-55 Tank, Artillery Gun, Torpedo, and Mig-27 aircraft have been put in display.A children play area is created for the children where they can play outdoor games.
The Gujarat government, along with the BSF, has built a parade ground, a viewing gallery and have created several selfie points near field guns, battle tanks and aircraft positioned on the road near the border where you can click beautiful pictures and gather a bunch of information.

Activities at India - Pakistan border, nadabet
Activities at Nadabet

A viewing desk tower is also created so that the tourists visiting Nadabet can also enjoy the view of the sunset plus the border. Tourists can enjoy a spectacular border view from the tower. Visitors will be allowed to take selfies at Zero Point as the part of 25 KMs long border area tour in the Electronic Vehicles. Observation tower might be there near the Zero Point.

The attractions at the border viewing point will be a retreat ceremony by the BSF, fusion band performance, Camel show and Bird watching. Visitors will also be able to watch an exhibition of weapons, a photo gallery and a film on BSF at the newly developed border viewing point by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited .

India - Pakistan border, nadabet
India – Pakistan border, Nadabet

Solar trees have also been installed to illuminate Nadabet with solar energy at night.

Facilities – Various facilities like Parking, Drinking water, toilet blocks, arrival plaza, sitting arrangements, shops, retaining wall etc. have been made available for the tourists. Check our detailed video of Indo-Pak border in Nadabet, sharing the link below.

The chilling vibes at the zero point Border are just you cannot confess in words, you will feel it as you are just 150 metres away from Pakistan and I must say India is capable to fight off in all the situations no matter what. That feeling of your Mother Land and your beloved Country is just another level I bet you and highly recommend you to visit it.

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