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Malaysia palm oil

Benefits of palm oil

Live Healthy with Malaysian Palm Oil – A Meet-up with Bollywood Twist 
A blissfull morning with bloggers and team MPOC, a healthy discussion on benefits of Palm Oil, food tasting challenges and bollywood theme round. We had Mr. Sandeep Bhan – the COO of Sime Darby Oils which is the biggest producer for sustainable Palm oil and Dr. Bhavna Shah who is the country representative for India and Srilanka- Malaysian Palm Oil Council.

Malaysia palm oil

Malaysia palm oil event

Discussion of Palm Oil– There have been talks of banning Palm Oil during the period of June 2019. But meeting at World Trade Organisation will have some positive results for Malaysia. Malaysia produces 85% of world’s Palm Oil can replace Indonesia”s the top Palm Oil supplier to India. Though many countries in the world uses 1% of Palm oil in fabric manufacturing process, India still lacks the ideas of using it and making more advantage and profitable usage out of it.Being cholesterol free and transfat free, Palm oil is present in most of the things used in our daily lives. From cosmetics, to parle-g biscuits, haldiram snacks, soaps to most of fancy chocolates we eat, Palm oil is everywhere. The main idea is to make Indians aware about the availability and benefits  of Palm oil which many of us don’t know.
MPOC India
Activities-  We had 8 teams and 3 different clues where we had a blind-fold tasting session at Baarana just opposite Sunville Banquets. The dish was Corn palak pakoda which was made in Palm oil. Tasted well plus less sticky and less oily. After this the next clue was at The Game restaurant where we were asked few questions about benefits of Palm oil on a sheet. After finishing the QnA round, the last clue was at Light House Cafe where we have to chose 5 ingredients with palm oil and vinegar and salad and present it in a proper manner. Finally the last round was to finish a bowl of dessert (ice-cream+ nutella + hide&seek + fererro rocher).

Salad from Palm oil

Malaysia palm oil event
MPOC event
We were dressed in our favorite actor/actresses clothes as the theme was bollywood.


The future of Palm Oil- All the activities were related to Palm oil and Mr. Sandeep Dhar and Dr. Bhavna Shah gave accurate insights about the Palm oil and its benefits. Being in this industry for more than 15 years I am sure no one else could have given a better explanation. The best and the most interesting thing is that they will be getting MSPO certification by 2020 which will definately minimize the negative impacts and boost positivity and social enhancement with a better management.

Malaysia palm oil

Glad to be a part of this event and special thanks to MPOC team for spreading a vast knowledge about Palm oil. Being Healthy is not just thinking about it, its about choosing right things to consume and knowing its advantages and benefits.
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